Goodbye Snow!

We’re back with another blog after lots of delays because of the snow, rain, and Covid, work has started again so we thought we’d give you a little bit of an update of where we are at 🙂

To start the front-drive has had some changes, we’ve had to dig up a bit of our front drive to put down some hardcore because we’ve got to get the really big lorries through which the steelwork for the centre is going to arrive on. These lorries wouldnt get it in the drive without making it a little bit wider, parts of the steelwork of the school are so big that we’ve got to actually keep the arctic lorry at the bottom of the road and then our builders have got to bring parts up separately!

We had another big delivery this week, the concrete reinforcement that’s been specifically designed for the centre is here 🙂 Basically, once they’ve dug the massive hole (we know all the technical words haha) which will be the foundations they’re going to put these in and surround them in concrete to take the weight of the building.

So the digging has begun, there is tons of hardcore arriving and the steel building will be arriving and being put together in four weeks! The builders have got about four weeks to get all of the foundations completed, so far we’ve had about 15 lorries worth of hardcore and we need a lot more so they’re probably about five times the amount of that still needed to arrive.

So the foundations have begun, the astroturf has been ordered and the centre will be put together in four weeks, things are going to start to move really quickly from now on so have a look out for all of the blogs coming up so you can see an update on how it’s going thanks for reading.

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