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About Craig Ogilvie

Craig Ogilvie is an internationally renowned dog trainer who works with dog trainers to improve their businesses and dog owners to overcome problematic behaviours.

Using an efficient process for both core arms of Craig’s services, clients can expect daily communication to progress faster than they ever have before. 

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Online Coaching

Craig Also Does

Public Speaking

He has spoken to groups both large and small from all walks of life from military and police handlers to pet owners. His focus is to ensure everyone leaves motivated and able to implement what they’ve learnt.

Craig Also Does

International Visits

Craig has extensive experience teaching in locations all over the world, so if you are based further afield than the UK, you may be able to host Craig when he travels to your country or continent next. It’s always worth getting in touch as soon as possible to ensure you avoid disappointment.

Craig Also Does


Craig delivers a variety of incredibly popular workshop topics both at home in the Venue and away. Workshop topics include the infamous “Interactive Play” workshop, “Problematic Behaviours”, “Problem Solving for Sports & Working Dogs”, “Motivation Strategies” and the “Instructors Guide”.

To book a workshop at your venue, please use the button below to contact Craig.

Craig Also Does

Film & Media

Chances are that you’ll have seen Craig before – either on TV, in a magazine or newspaper, on Waterstones bookshelves or on social media.

Craig Also Does

The Book

“Whether you wish to use play as a part of training, or simply want to build and strengthen your relationship, this hugely informative guide will provide you with the key to becoming the centre of your dog’s world.”