Foundations for Ogilvie Dog’s Centre!

We’re back with another blog, so it’s been about a week since our last blog and since then the length of the centre has been dug out and filled with about 20 lorries worth of hardcore but they haven’t started the width yet.

The builders have started by doing the length first and taking a middle section and putting hardcore down so that when driving their lorries/diggers/dumpers up and down they don’t get stuck in the mud and then that allows them to go outward and put in the foundation pads at the side. The first foundation pad is in and the next two that they’re doing are the most important ones as they line up the other ones to make sure the building slots on top of these pads and it has to be 100% accurate or it won’t work so there’s a lot of pressure on the builders! They’re doing a great job though 🙂

So far we’ve had 20 loads more of hardcore and we get more delivered around every two hours all week to be able to have enough hardcore, if we’ve had 20 so far I can’t even think how many more we need to finish the centre. A four-meter perimeter also has to be dug all the way around the building to allow the lorries to drive around the building to erect the steelwork and not sink in the soil!

Check out the video below to see 24 hours worth of progress.

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