We Have A Secret To Share…

We’re back with another blog and we have got an incredibly exciting announcement!

The announcement is Ogilvie Dogs is officially sponsored by Galican! This means that Galican will be supplying all of the agility equipment for the Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre, we are really, really excited to be sponsored by Galican!!

Galican has been the international leader in agility equipment for so many years, Marita has been lucky enough to compete Harvey & Duka on their equipment at the European Open and the FCI World Championships, she has always said how Galican’s quality of equipment is just superior to anything else. Galican are supplying a full set of agility competition equipment along with training equipment all in the colours to match the Ogilvie Dog’s logo, we are so excited to have this amazing equipment in our centre!

Here are some of the items Galican are suppling Ogilvie Dogs with:

-Soft Wall

-Soft long jump

-Soft dog walk

-Soft seesaw

-Soft A-Frame with wheels

-Lite jumps with safe bars

-Puppy bumps

-Intercan weaves

-Intercan Tyre

-6 tunnels

-Crazy number of sandbags including the cool U-tunnel bags for curves

-Numbers 1-50

-Stride regulators

-Intercan chute tunnel

We are really excited and honored to be able to collaborate with such a renowned company like Galican so that the Ogilvie Dogs Centre will be able to fulfill everybody’s training needs.

Watch out for our next blog which will be covering the build of the Ogilvie Dogs Centre 🙂