Welcome to Ogilvie Dogs!

We’re back but this time not a training blog, we have got an exciting announcement!!

We are combining Craig Ogilvie Dog Training with Marita Davies Agility to make one dog training company called Ogilvie Dogs! Lots is happening this year: we’re building the Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre & we are getting married so we have decided to combine our services so that everything is all under one roof at this website 🙂

Also, we have joined together because we enjoy working together, we started our Youtube channel and we didn’t realise how much we enjoyed working together so combining our businesses allows us to work together more often. Over the years of living together, we’ve realised that there’s a lot of crossover between the dog training areas that we both do. Marita does agility, trick training, diet, and fitness, and a lot of mental preparation and Craig focuses primarily on overcoming problem behaviours, motivational reinforcement strategies, and also mentoring for aspiring dog trainers and behaviour consultants. Many of our students are coached online by both of us so that the training we are both doing with the student on different areas is then brought together!

Enjoy exploring the new site, there’s lots to read and plenty of coaching options to suit everyone’s needs. The site also has a booking system for Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre, this is where all workshops, events and hire will be able to be booked 🙂

We hope to see you at the Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre soon!!

About Ogilvie Dogs

Marita & Craig offer dog training with a difference. Decades of experience paired with international appearances, a purpose-built training venue and a dose of genuine authenticity has resulted in a training offering like no other – Ogilve Dogs.

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