Open all hours by appointment only.  Proudly sponsored by Galican

Proudly sponsored by Galican

Welcome to Ogilvie Dogs

Home to Marita and Craig, two internationally renowned dog trainers, Ogilvie Dogs aims to provide world-class training via in-person and online training options. Ogilvie Dogs is also the location of the Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre in Lincolnshire, which provides a purpose-built training venue for a variety of dog sports and activities. 

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What’s on at the venue?

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Perfect Start – Puppy Course

Perfect Start is a puppy course like no other: this course shows everything Marita did with Cicada from 8-16 weeks old in detail! This course has over 5 hours of content and over 20 tricks, so you don’t miss out on anything! Each week is broken down into lessons...


The Ogilvie Dogs Centre Is Open!!

Craig & Marita opened the Ogilvie Dogs Centre in style by getting married in it! After 2 years in the making Craig & Marita opened the Ogilvie Dogs training centre with their marriage celebrations, after meeting on one of Craig’s Interactive Play workshops...


We Have A Secret To Share…

We're back with another blog and we have got an incredibly exciting announcement! The announcement is Ogilvie Dogs is officially sponsored by Galican! This means that Galican will be supplying all of the agility equipment for the Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre, we...


Bookings are now LIVE!

We're back with another blog and we're going to give you a little bit of an update on what's happening with the center so far. So last time we filmed we only had two concrete pads and now we have all ten down the right-hand side!! On the left-hand side, the first...


Foundations for Ogilvie Dog’s Centre!

We're back with another blog, so it's been about a week since our last blog and since then the length of the centre has been dug out and filled with about 20 lorries worth of hardcore but they haven't started the width yet. The builders have started by doing the...


Goodbye Snow!

We're back with another blog after lots of delays because of the snow, rain, and Covid, work has started again so we thought we'd give you a little bit of an update of where we are at 🙂 To start the front-drive has had some changes, we've had to dig up a bit of...


Welcome to Ogilvie Dogs!

We're back but this time not a training blog, we have got an exciting announcement!! We are combining Craig Ogilvie Dog Training with Marita Davies Agility to make one dog training company called Ogilvie Dogs! Lots is happening this year: we're building the Ogilvie...


How To Get Your Dog To Let Go Of The Toy

In this week blog we're going to cover some useful tips on how to teach your dog how to let go of the toy using food. I can hear lots of people at home saying 'but my dog definitely likes his favourite toy way more than he does food', and likely if you offer your...


How To Stop Your Dog Running Away With The Toy

In this blog we're going to discuss how to stop your dog running away with the toy. One of the challenges that people often face when playing tug with their dog is that if they let them win the toy the dog ends up running away from them with the toy and not coming...