Online Coaching

Marita offers online coaching for those who are unable to attend in-person training sessions. The training is all completed on this website, in a section reserved specifically for those with a membership. Training memberships are available in 4-week blocks and can be purchased lower down this page.

If you’re unable to get to Marita in person, you’re in luck. Marita offers 4-week blocks of online coaching that aren’t just focussed on the canine skills side of your partnership. As well as offering detailed support, tuition and coaching for agility training, trick training, drill or course maps and competition reviews, you can also turn to Marita for your own diet, fitness, physical health and mental mindset.

As well as her vast titles in the agility world, Marita holds a First Class Honours Degree in Psychology, giving her the insight and skill to formulate comprehensive training plans which feature both you and your dog in equal measure. She has a particularly high success rate in help with competition mindset, routines and mental preparation, allowing you to go further than you ever thought possible as a partnership.

Coaching is 100% private, so nobody other than Marita will be able to see your training videos and notes. Unlike other online systems, the member’s area has a private messaging system, which is by default, private. There is no set course on Marita’s online coaching, all advice is tailored to you & your dog. Below you can see the areas you can cover, you might choose to focus on one area or all of them, there is no limit on how many you pick.

4 Week blocks can cover:

Training Video Reviews & Coaching

Competition Video Reviews & Coaching

Running Contacts Support & Coaching

Trick Training & Skills Development

Training Courses & Drill Plans

Fitness & Health Guidance

Diet & Nutrition Support

Mental Preparation Coaching


I highly recommend Marita’s online coaching! I am far away in the US but love that I get to work with her virtually. She has helped me and my young brittany, Rey, learn the details of agility. Her advice is detailed, practical, and effective. It is actually more convenient for me to have an online coach with my sporadic schedule! Love the video demonstrations and homework items to work on.

Jenny Higgins

I can’t recommend Marita enough. I did her six week online training and for the six weeks it felt like I had my own personal agility trainer. The training covers lots if areas and my messages were efficiently answered. Thank you Marita

Vicki Dunlop

Having a Boxer I’m quite used to trainers just not quite getting us, but I started with online coaching at the beginning of lockdown and it was exactly what I needed. Marita is so motivating and adapted the training so that Penny and I were excelling quickly. The change in Penny’s confidence is so clear and she genuinely feels a huge part of the game as opposed to going with the motions.
I’ve since trained with Marita in person and it’s so much fun. She works with the dog and handler in front of her and makes sure the dog is having the best time while still working hard and reaching goals.
Can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Marita x

Amy Rapin

Marita’s online training has kept me motivated in reaching my goals from home. Her communication is amazing and she is so encouraging providing positive feedback for me. Her attention to detail is second to none. Marita’s workshops are just brilliant! She always makes training fun, with lots of positive energy. Marita treats Mabel like an athlete – giving advice on her exercise as well as which diet will best suit her performance and recovery, I’m already seeing the difference. Marita not only provides amazing support for Mabel but also for myself. She has given me the confidence to believe in myself. She has changed my mindset to believe that Mabel and I can achieve great things in the years to come. Marita has allowed me to stop worrying about what can go wrong and get excited about what can go right. I am so proud of the skills that Mabel has already learnt in the short space of time we have spent with Marita, and this makes me excited for our agility journey.

Samantha Harvey

Spice and I love training with Marita. She is really encouraging and challenges us at all times. Her training is very much geared to improving both handler and dog skills, explaining what is needed calmly, clearly and concisely. My confidence in myself as a handler has greatly improved and as a result, my dog is more confident in me. She is a great trainer and I highly recommend her.

Heather Richards

Marita is a brilliant trainer making each session fun and challenging but also at the same time no matter what level or capability you and your dog are at she works out a handling solution for you to be able to achieve the results and to improve for the future. I train with Marita on a regular basis now as she has given me the confidence to attack harder European style courses, train harder weave entries and learn that I can do it! Since training with Marita, we have qualified for Olympia won our first champ ticket qualified for Crufts next year and been invited to join the GB SQUAD!

Emma Gamble

Marita was the one who championed me to go get a diagnosis for my bizarre symptoms, I’m now on the last leg with an MRI due before Christmas and for the first time in my life I know why I am the way I am. She was the one who helped me finally sleep through a night after 9 months of horrifically broken sleep. She was the one who helped Pip end up with this awesome seesaw after being initially a bit of a pansy AND she was the one who told me where my handling was leaving Alf confused… That last one, I didn’t have a clue about. The week after she’d created the plan of things to work on for Alf and I, in terms of handling, he won 85% of his classes, clear. Before, we were just 15% clear. Also – she’s a committed tutor – she’s on the system every day and the replies she sends are HUGE and so detailed. I can’t really recommend it highly enough.

Jess Wealleans

Marita’s guidance on fitness and nutrition has not only dramatically improved my agility but has also completely transformed my whole life. She is always an incredibly positive and inspiring agility trainer and competitor, hugely fun to train with and has a massive amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and skills. Marita has also taught me a huge amount about mindset and meditation which has again had a huge impact on my agility but also helps me in day to day life. Thank you so much, Marita, I would happily recommend you to anyone looking to improve any part of their agility.

Hayley Telling

Ready to Start?

In this pink block you’ll find the option to buy a 4-week block of access to online coaching. To get started, it’s really simple. Just add this 4 Week Access to your cart and follow the instructions to purchase. Remember, add multiple quantities for the number of dogs you’d like help with.

From that point onwards, you’ll be in the checkout system which is 100% secure and no personal data is accessible outside of the system. During the checkout process, you’ll be asked to create an account with a username and password. Keep these safe!

After the checkout process is complete, your 6 Weeks start right now, so navigate to the Learning Centre in the top menu, clicking on “I’m In, What Next?” – everything you need to start learning is on that page. And of course, if you get stuck, send Marita a message using the Get in Touch page.

Online Coaching FAQs

How do I start?

Super simple – head to the bright pink row above and read the info there before clicking on the photo of Harvey. Once there, add the “product” to your cart and follow the checkout instructions.

Once complete, you’ll have an account and be logged in automatically. You’ll also have received an email with a special “members only” link in it. Click that link and you’ll end up at the “I’m In, What Next?” page. Just follow the instructions to start a conversation with Marita and you’re home free!

Can I have help with multiple dogs?

Sure! There’s one option for access with 1 dog, and another for 2 dogs. Just pick which suits you. Adding multiples just adds time to the end of your access period, so try to not do this! The 2 dog access product gives you the second dog half price. Perfect!

Once you’re set up, just start a thread for each of your dogs, it keeps everything neat and tidy and helps Marita help you faster.

How long do I get access for?

The default length of membership access is 4 weeks, but you can very easily extend that by adding more “4 Week Access” products to your cart. Each access is added on to your account. For example, if you purchased 2 x 4 Weeks Access in the shop, you’ll get 8 weeks of continuous membership to the system.

Can I pause my access?

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option, from the moment the purchase is made, the 4-week countdown is on. In exceptional circumstances, we’d suggest contacting Marita direct who can discuss training options with you. Marita herself cannot extend your membership but it can be manipulated by the website manager, so it is only in exceptional circumstances that membership changes can be made.

Can I back out of my access?

Once you have commenced the training process, by following the steps on the “New? Start Here!” page, you are active for the duration of your membership. If at any point you are unhappy with the level of service you are receiving, contact Marita directly to discuss future training options.

I’m in, but I have no idea what to do. Help!?

Don’t panic! First, are you logged in? Head to the “Online Hub” in the top menu, if the option to “Log In” is in that menu, you aren’t logged in yet. Make sure you’re logged in then, in that menu, head to “I’m In, What Next?”. Follow the instructions on that page to the letter and you’ll be on the home straight.

If you can’t access the “I’m In, What Next?” page, your membership has either expired or it has not gone through correctly. In the latter case, please contact Marita to pass the issue to the website manager. You will need to provide proof of purchase in this situation.

What happens when my membership expires?

You’ll still be able to log in and access the forums, but you will have no access to the messaging system which the private tuition centres around.

You can, at any time, extend your access or renew it after it has expired. Just make sure you are logged in and then purchase another 4 Week Access block – you’re messaging access will open straight back up and you can continue just like nothing changed!

Disclaimer: Marita has dedicated her life to studying and improving fitness, health and diet. Any feedback given on diet and fitness are Marita’s opinions through study and experience and no medically qualified opinions have been sought. If in doubt, you should always consult your general practitioner (GP).  

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