What Happen’s now?

You’re in and your online learning journey has just begun. Now that you have access to Marita’s learning platform, you’ll need to find your way around the extra sections of the website. This page talks you through how to kick-start this tuition, now.

First things first, you’ll always have to be logged in to view the learning sections of the site. The duration of tuition you’ve purchased for starts now, so make sure you open up a conversation with Marita today:

How to get started:

Click the "Message Marita" Button

Further up this page is a large button entitled “Message Marita”. Click this and you’ll go to her profile…

Click "Private Message"

Next to Marita’s photo, there’s a button with “Private Message” on it. Click that to compose a message to Marita.

Title It Right

In the subject line, ensure you title your intro message correctly in the format: “YOUR NAME – Tuition Start”.

Introduce Yourself!

Introduce yourself and the dogs you would like help with here. More detail is always good, as well as highlighting areas you need help with most!

Are you all introduced?

Awesome news! Marita will check her inbox as soon as she can, and she’ll reply to you direct back in your initial message. Don’t forget, you can add videos to the chat, which is essential for good tuition.


How to add a video to your chat…

To add a video, simply upload the video to a YouTube account and copy the link of the video directly into the chat. Once the message is sent, it’ll fill the width of the chat window, allowing Marita to watch closely, stop, start and replay in slow motion. Perfect!

Times Up: What happens?

When your tuition time is up, the inbox system within your profile is deactivated. Adding more time is easy though. If you want to add 8 weeks onto your 4 weeks tuition, just add 2 x 4 weeks tuition to your basket and the system will add the 8 weeks to the end of your existing membership. Simple!