Craig has been simply the best support I could have wished for. I needed help with my then 22-month-old cocker spaniel who was not an easy puppy, with quite a few behavioural problems. With his help and total commitment to both my dog and myself online, Craig helped me work through different issues. I sent him videos of behaviour modification aspects of training, life skills, play and trick training. His attention to detail of teaching online with passion, care, love and understanding of dogs and how their brains work has given me the best advice to get the behaviour I needed with my girly. It’s teamwork between you, your Dog and Craig, I absolutely love putting in the work with my dog with Craig’s instruction. Craig is always clear and I feel very much without him being part of our world my relationship would not be the wonderful bond that I and my girly now have. All our training is with kindness and understanding of my dog. We continue to still do our online training. I always have questions and Craig always very quickly replies. Thank you, Craig.