Marita was the one who championed me to go get a diagnosis for my bizarre symptoms, I’m now on the last leg with an MRI due before Christmas and for the first time in my life I know why I am the way I am. She was the one who helped me finally sleep through a night after 9 months of horrifically broken sleep. She was the one who helped Pip end up with this awesome seesaw after being initially a bit of a pansy AND she was the one who told me where my handling was leaving Alf confused… That last one, I didn’t have a clue about. The week after she’d created the plan of things to work on for Alf and I, in terms of handling, he won 85% of his classes, clear. Before, we were just 15% clear. Also – she’s a committed tutor – she’s on the system every day and the replies she sends are HUGE and so detailed. I can’t really recommend it highly enough.