Bookings are now LIVE!

We’re back with another blog and we’re going to give you a little bit of an update on what’s happening with the center so far.

So last time we filmed we only had two concrete pads and now we have all ten down the right-hand side!! On the left-hand side, the first and last bolt has been set ready to line up the other 8 this week 🙂

The booking system on the Ogilvie Dog’s website is now live. So if you go on the ‘Book Venue’ page now the booking system will allow you to book from July. You can book individual hire, half-day hire, or full-day hire.

Here’s how to book:

-If you head to then you will get our home page, if you scroll down then it will show you what’s on at the venue which you can click on and book directly from there.

-However, if you want to book a full-day, half-day or individual hire then head to the top of the page and click on book venue, on the booking page you will be shown two locations indoor or outdoor if you want to train indoor on the astroturf then click indoors and then you can either pick individual hire, half-day or full-day hire.

-You can then choose whether you would like to book the venue for one hour or two hours for individuals hire, the prices shown are for up to two people so you can add additional people if you would like more.

-Half-day hire is to hire the centre for five hours, therefore the time slots are shown in five-hour slots

-Full-day hire is the hire the centre for 10 hours, therefore the time slots will be shown in 10 hour slots

-You will then be shown the calendar, any date in green means that day is available, click on the day you want, and then you’ll be shown all the times that day has available. Once you’ve selected the date and time you want you will be then taken to the customer details section once you’ve completed this you then input your card details to pay for the slots.

-To finalize your booking click the center to confirm you want to train indoors and then you’ll be shown the terms and conditions drop-down box, click yes if you agree to the terms.

-If you would like to book the outdoor field which also has a full set of agility equipment or for other dog training needs then click the outdoor option, you will then be able to pick whether you want to book the field for one hour or two hours and confirm how many people you’d like to bring along then just follow all of the same steps to book the outdoor field.

Thanks for reading guys if you have any questions about booking the Ogilvie Dog Center then just email

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